Ribbbit – In The Weeds EP

Ribbbit soooo underrated. My fucking dude right here. Coming from Denver CO, the boy is back with a new EP. Lets begin:

Smudge – Okay this is starting off not so smudgy & actually pretty beautiful. Absolutely loving the keys and clean ass quality of this track. When I tell you this mans quality has increased full force….its insane. This is so nice! I could legit play this at my brothers wedding. Might do that actually.

Disintegrate – Loving how this kinda carries over from “Smudge” in the tone & play on keys. Bass much more effective. Background noises making me feel like I’m in the weeds. Ah yeah there it is, that Ribbbit sounding wackiness. Such a groove going on rn. There’s even like spooky keys going on in the background. Okay drums and super extra groove at 1:55. This is what the fuck I’m talking about right here. Can’t wait to vibe to this all summer.

Analogues – These keys are literally key. Background noises on par matching up with the vibe perfect. That lil faint key thing at 1:13 wow. Alright this is like bass jazz or something. Bazz. Stellar track right here. Woah creepy laugh things.

Absolutely loving this style from Ribbbit. Mans has had truly one of the coolest growths I’ve got to witness from the jump. And again, the quality of his music has evolved sooo much. Keep it up Becket!

written by SPIKE RIGHT